21 Reasons Why

21 reasons why you should switch to fibre in 2021

It’s a New Year, and if you’re not thinking of switching to fibre, you’ll still be living in the past.

Luckily, we are here to make the switch easy for you with 21 reasons why you should switch to fibre:

1. Most of our uncapped fibre packages are cheaper than the equivalent uncapped ADSL package

2. FREE installation: sign up with Lightstruck and the installation is on us!

3. FREE router: Receive a free fibre router with your installation.

4. Save on landline costs: With fibre, you can cancel your landline and use our VoIP services for free (while keeping your number!)

5. Uninterrupted movies: With up to 100Mbps lines, fibre allows a seamless streaming experience.

6. Uninterrupted music streaming: Just like movies, the lightning-fast speed of fibre allows uninterrupted music streaming.

7. Your uncapped connection in unlimited: with uncapped packages, you will never run out of data!

8. Lightning-fast speed: Fibre is up to 50 times faster than ADSL.

9. Reliable: Fibre lines never degrade, meaning you will always be connected

10. Security: Fibre lines are nearly impossible to hack into or tap.

11. Cloud access: Fibre internet is capable of giving you faster access to data and applications that you store in the cloud.

12. Scalability: Fibre internet can be upgraded to meet your changing data requirements.

13. Same speed for download and upload: Because there’s no worry of overloading the system, fibre optic internet providers can give equal shrift to uploads and downloads alike

14. HD video calls: A fibre connection will put an end to blurry, buffering video calls and allow for HD meetings, catch-ups and classes.

15. No throttling: Since it’s less susceptible to overload, fibre optic internet speed doesn’t throttle.

Higher quality TV: A fibre optic connection running at even a sub-optimal 500 Mbps should have no trouble streaming high-quality 4K TV and movies.

17. Better gameplay: The smooth and constant flow of data with fibre means whenever you twitch your mouse hand, the game obeys.

18. It (might be) healthier: The World Health Organization (WHO) says there’s no reason to fear 5G wireless internet signals since they can’t penetrate human skin. However, scientists petitioned the WHO, claiming 5G will boosts the potential for cancer. Fibre optic signals remain trapped in their cables, so they don’t carry that risk.

19. Connecting with multiple devices: Fibre’s steady signal means you can connect with multiple tablets, laptops like the HP Spectre, and several phones at once. Even with different people streaming music and video simultaneously, fibre optics can handle the load.

20. Lower latency: Lower latency means packets are sent faster over your network and lags in your connection are avoided.

21. Future-fit: in today’s technologically driven age, the world is moving forward at a rapid pace. Switching to fibre ensures that you will not get left behind.

Are you convinced yet?