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Suitable for a small family to stream (eg Netflix and YouTube).
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Suitable for a small to medium family to stream (eg Netflix and YouTube) and serious gamers.
The best utility service for internet connectivity suited for home use. Yutiliti is a division of Lightstruck and was conceived in 2020 as a digital utility concept. We believe that digital access is the next basic need that digital citizens require in today’s day and age. Just as water and electricity is required to keep a household operating, internet access has become a requirement in life, and not a luxury.

Yutiliti offers the client a quick and easy residential connectivity experience, in a bid to be one of the best utility service names in town.

How do I get Yutiliti?

Yutiliti offers 2 packages – SIGN UP BEFORE 31 MAY 2020 and get discounted rates for 3 months! (only applicable in our LIVE areas)

  1. 20mbps Package:Now R499.00 (incl. VAT) for 3 months

    This package is sufficient for small households who want to stream Netflix, watch YouTube, browse the internet etc.

  2. 100mbps Package:Now R799.00 (incl. VAT) for 3 months

    This package is sufficient for a medium sized household who want to stream Netflix, watch YouTube and who have gamers in the family.

Yutiliti offers a digital utility to every household where Lightstruck has rolled out fibre. Additionally, the client has the option to move over to their preferred ISP if they so wish – at no cost.

Please refer to the T&Cs here.